Expert IP Consulting Services

Patent Fusion provides consulting services to assist in optimizing your intellectual property strategy and monetization. Consulting services include:

o Competitive Intelligence
o Merger and Acquisition Support
o Research and Development
o Minimizing Risks
o Optimizing IP Budgets
o Innovation Life Cycle
o Portfolio Review

Expert Claim Mapping Services

Expert Patent Claims Review & Mapping

The Patent Fusion team understands the ever growing requirement to protect high quality valuable patents. We use experienced practitioners, including former US patent examiners, to ensure high quality patent claims analysis and mapping against known products and literature.

Expert Patent Search Services

Our expert searchers understand the best strategies for effective searching in the high-stakes field of patent litigation. Providing in-depth support across all technological disciplines, Patent Fusion uses a consultative approach to ensure that the project will meet the needs of the each and every customer. We have extensive expertise in:

o Electrical Engineering
o Mechanical Engineering
o Computer Science
o Business Methods
o Biotechnology & Life Sciences

Center for IP Excellence

We offer a comprehensive level of services in all aspects of Intellectual Property, including: portfolio creation, management and optimization, innovation life cycle, patent claim mapping, file wrapper services, and patent research. Our expertise includes various Electrical, Mechanical, Computer Science, Business Methods and Life Science technologies.

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