Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How soon will I be contacted after I submit a request online?
Answer: Typically we will contact you within a couple of hours after we receive the request. Depending on the complexity of your request, please allow 1 business day for us to respond to your request.

Question: Do you keep my request(s) and disclosures confidential?
Answer: Yes. All our clients' requests and communications are treated as highly confidential materials.

Question: Will my documents/work be outsourced outside of US?
Answer: All our staff are located in the US, unless you specifically require work that involves international travel and resources outside of US.

Question: Who will work on my projects?
Answer: At Patent Fusion, all team members are highly educated and IP-experienced professionals. All our team members have Bachelors, Masters or PhD degrees in the various fields of engineering and several years of IP-related experience. Upon your request, our staff can interactively work with you on the duration of each project.

Question: Can I treat your work/advice as a legal opinion?
Answer: Patent Fusion LLC, is not a law firm. None of Patent Fusion's officers or employees is authorized to practice law or provide legal advice to any of Patent Fusion's clients. Accordingly, no attorney-client relationship can be created through the performance of any services by Patent Fusion. Patent Fusion intellectual property support services or legal support services are generally provided to lawyers, in the private practice. Any client who requires legal advice should consult a practicing lawyer in the relevant jurisdiction(s)/field.