IP Consulting Services

Competitive Intelligence

Do you know how your competitors are doing?

With a thorough examination of competitors and their competing patents we establish a strategic approach to making intellectual property decisions. Our services allow you to obtain an early warning of competitive threats, and changes in your competitors' IP and R&D (possibly diruptive) strategies.

We identify existing technologies and allow you to better assess any potential infringement risks. Our easy to understand, high level landscape mapping and reports allow you to support your recommendations to your organization's upper management.

Minimizing Risks and Optimizing IP Budgets

Do you need to block a competitor's threatening patent? Do you want to find how strong your patent is?
Patent Fusion can help you offset litigation risks by conducting advanced/extensive Validity/Invalidty searching, analysis, and claims mapping.
Do you have a product waiting to launch on the market?
Patent Fusion can increase your awareness of competitor patents by conducting a Clearance or a Freedom-To-Operate search.

M & A Support

Do you have a clear picture of a potential acquisition's portfolio?

We can help you identify for ongoing M & A processes the technological differences in the IP portfolios for companies involved in the process.

Our detailed patent portfolio audit can help you reveal valuable patent assets which during the Mergers & Aquisitions (M&A) process may go unnoticed.




Innovation Life Cycle

Let our IP experience improve your Innovation Life Cycle.

R&D Optimization

Identify the innovation trends in your industry
Patent Fusion can help your R&D group by analyzing a technology area for competitive intensity, possible IP and R&D white space via patent landscapes.

Identify the emerging and fading organizations and inventors in your R&D space.
Patent Fusion can help you develop a crystal-clear understanding of the ever evolving competitive environment in your industry with high level Competitive Intelligence reports.


Portfolio Review

Patent Portfolio Categorization Analysis: Extracting valuable insights from existing intellectual property for strategic gains.
Once the full extent of a patent portfolio is fully audited, we also provide support on the next stage - which is categorizing the full company patent portfolio. Such a categorization allows you to understand how the company IP assets are spread across technology domains. 
The Patent Fusion team has extensive experience to help you better understand the full extent of your patent portfolio(s).  Let us help you identify the value of your patent portfolio.