Professional IP Services

Law Firms

Patent Fusion LLC supports transactional work for law firms. We offer:
  • IP Consulting
  • Patent Claim Mapping
  • Patent Research
  • Litigation Support

R&D Companies

Patent Fusion LLC provides a highly dynamic collaboration on R&D projects:
  • IP Consulting/Innovation Support
  • IP Landscaping/White Space/Mapping
  • IP Competitive Market Assessment
  • Freedom-To-Operate Searches

Corporate Business

Patent Fusion LLC offers full IP support to corporate business:
  • Prosecution and Litigation Support
  • File Wrappers Support
  • Research & Analytics
  • Portfolio Optimization/Monetization

Our Core Services

Competitive Intelligence
M&A Support
Innovation Life Cycle
Minimizing Risks
Portfolio Optimization

Test the strength of the claims!
We offer claim mapping against existing products and literature.

We offer a large variety of searches, including validity/invalidity, landscapes, infringement, state-of-the-art, novelty, design in all technology fields.